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Social Media Management 

The world has drastically changed since the start of selling products online. Facebook and Instagram have taken the online conversation by storm. Instagram puts together a picturesque view into a friend or stranger’s life. Pinterest has allowed millions of people to share their common interests by simply posting a picture to a bulletin board, and then you have LinkedIn, Google+, SnapChat, and many more. Burning Trees Media will properly leverage all social platforms to build community, conversation, and relationships with your target audience.

We Deliver highly-targeted advertising campaigns to in-market consumers, Our award-winning team of digital advertising specialists uses proprietary targeting to create powerful ROI-driven digital ad campaigns that produce results. Our broad network of partners allows you to reach in-market consumers across the internet wherever they go. Increase the effectiveness of your campaigns by targeting customers based on web-browsing behavior, geographic location, demographics, and interests.

Social Advertising 

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Social Engagement

What’s the first thing we check when we have a break at work? While we’re waiting in line for coffee? While we’re out with friends? We check our social feeds! (We even check them while we’re in the bathroom! Don’t lie, you do it, too.) A post can go viral in a matter of seconds, and before you know it, it’s spread across every social platform out there. As much as you use social media for your own personal enjoyment, we’re sure you’ve seen tons of ads and brands as you’re scrolling through your feed.